@AskRohanDhawan 01 - Likes But No Conversions, $0.0001 PPE Ads & Page Like Vs Boost Your Post - Rohan Dhawan

@AskRohanDhawan 01 – Likes But No Conversions, $0.0001 PPE Ads & Page Like Vs Boost Your Post

Today’s episode will discuss 3 VERY important questions about Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising. The issues discussed are –

  • 0:56 – Why are people liking my ads but not converting?
  • 6:29 – Is it even possible to get $0.0001 per post engagement?
  • 12:57 – Facebook Page Like Ads Vs Boost Your Post Ads

In this video you will learn exactly what to do if your Facebook ad campaign is not resulting in any leads/sales despite so much engagement (likes, comments etc). Discover the necessary steps you need to take for dropping you ad costs down (even to the possibility of $0.0001 per post engagement – often termed as the three zeros club). Lastly, you will learn which ads  you should use for your business: Page like ads or Boost your post ads. I will explain the benefits of each type so that you figure out which one works the best for you.

The first two questions were asked by students who are signed up in my Udemy courses, and the last question was picked up from Quora (repeating frequently). Stay tuned till the end because you will get a lot of value!

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