@AskRohanDhawan 02 - Creating Facebook Ads That Get Clicks & Audiences To Target When Starting - Rohan Dhawan

@AskRohanDhawan 02 – Creating Facebook Ads That Get Clicks & Audiences To Target When Starting

In the second episode of @AskRohanDhawan show, I will be covering two Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising questions that majority of the people get confused about. Do you want to know why 95% of people who market on Facebook fail? This happens because they do not know how to target the right audience and create the perfect ad copy. After watching this video, you will know exactly how to crush Facebook ads and realise any goal (more leads, more sales, more traffic) that you have effectively and efficiently!

0:53 – What audience should I target on Facebook to begin with?
8:37 – What are the best tips and techniques to create Facebook ad copies that get a lot of clicks?

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