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8 Steps You Should Take Now To Build A Successful Brand On Facebook

Starting a business on Facebook is simple, however building a successful brand with targeted followers takes a lot of time and efforts. Let me make something clear, this is NOT going to be easy but trust me the reward is worth it. The strategies I’ll be discussing today will help you build a SUPER fan following on Facebook. People will love your content so much that they would start sending you messages if you don’t post for a single day. Check this out –

Yes! It has happened with me :)

Are you dedicated enough? Great! Let me begin by explaining what marketers are doing WRONG on Facebook

I get emails from people every single day asking how can I increase my Facebook likes? How can I get $0.0001 per post engagement? (there is literally a term for this and it is called “three zeros club.” WTF?) Why am I not getting any sales? I reply to these individuals asking if they are providing enough value or not and usually the response is wha the heck are you talking about?

Such people fail to build a successful brand(in fact, any brand) on Facebook  as they focus on the wrong metrics. Having more likes and lower ad costs would do squat if you don’t provide any VALUE to your fans. It is virtually impossible sustain a long term business online without building a meaningful relationship with your fans.

So that’s enough about what you shouldn’t do, lets focus on what you SHOULD do.

8 Steps You Should Take Now To Build A Successful Brand On Facebook


1. Install Facebook’s Page Plugin

Build A Successful Brand On Facebook

Install Facebook’s page plugin on your website NOW! And if you don’t have a website then you are way behind on this. Setup a WordPress site now, it hardly takes 2 minutes to setup a site these days. To install Facebook’s page plugin, go to this page. Enter your page URL, copy the code and paste it wherever you want on your site (preferably on the sidebar/at the bottom of the post).

2. Find the most targeted groups:

Facebook Groups

Head over to Facebook’s graph search and find groups that are related to your niche. Make sure that it has decent amount of members. Send a request, get accepted and see how active the community is. If a lot of people engage on it everyday then BINGO! Start doing the same. Talk to people and discuss about the topic that your page is about. Do not start promoting from day one and try to provide value initially. How do you provide value?

3. Create GREAT content

Great Content

I am assuming that your page is about a topic that you love to talk about. If that’s the case, then you won’t have trouble creating valuable information. Find the medium that suits you the most: video, text or audio and start posting! Make it a habit to post at least one piece of valuable content everyday!

4. Share that content

Share Content Facebook

Whenever you are done posting, simply click on the share button. Multiple options will appear, but just share on the groups you are connected with and your own timeline. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for the rest of your business life.

5. Invite your current customers, friends and family to like your page:


If you have following somewhere else then cross promote your channel. Don’t forget to invite your current friends on Facebook to like your page. The bigger your circle is, the more fans you’ll get.

6. Promote your content

Power Editor Facebook

Now comes the step when you get your content across more people by running targeted ads. If you have never run any ads on Facebook then do not worry because it is not as complicated as you think. Go to your fan page and see which one of your post went viral organically i.e – which post got the highest amount of engagement without you paying any money. After that, hover on top of the navigation bar and find the drop down arrow on the top right. Click on it and then select “Create Ads” to launch your campaign. Select the objective as “Boost your posts” and then give it a name. Define an audience that most suits your product/service, specify a daily budget of $5 and launch. Within 24-48 hours you’ll have enough data to determine the performance of your post. If you are getting page post engagement above $0.50 then stop the ad now and create a new one targeting a different set of audience. Rinse & repeat!

This is actually a super broad topic and it is literally impossible for me to explain you everything about Facebook ads in this blog post. Hence, I created a 4 hour long course that’ll teach you exactly how I reach 2,000,000 people using Facebook. The course will cover both free and paid traffic generation that you can start implementing today! Check it out and get a exclusive discount here.

7. Build your audience

Custom Audience

It is super important to capture data of all the people who visit your website. This data can either be in the form of email or pixels. You can get the email address of your visitors by providing them some incentive like a free course, e-book, checklist etc. The benefit of this is that after you get their email, you become fully in control and you can market them however you want. Disadvantage is that not all people who visit your site, will give you their email.

Facebook pixels track every single activity of the visitor. The advantage of installing pixels is that it captures data of all the people who visit your site, whereas the disadvantage is that you’ll have to pay Facebook in order to reach these people captured in the pixel. I talk more about pixels in this course.


8. Sell your product/service

Hey dude,

Finally comes the part when you get to make money $$. Once you have your audience (either in the form of pixels or email), you can sell your product/service easily. These people would be more interested in purchasing from you as you have already spent a lot of time and efforts to deliver them value (in the form of content). All you have to do now is deliver your sales pitch to them and ask them to enter their credit card numbers.

Want to learn more?

If you implement all the strategies shown in this article, then you will succeed in building an awesome brand on Facebook that reaps out long term benefits. Want to learn more about what you just read? Are you interested in knowing how I reach 2,000,000 people on Facebook every week? Check out my exclusive Facebook marketing course that contains over 33 lectures with 4 hours long content. This course will help you take your business to the next level. Check it out –




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