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How I Got Over 12,900 People To Share My Post On Facebook

Most people can only dream of getting results like this using Facebook. Today, I will be showing you the exact step-by-step strategies that I used to get over 12,900 people to share my article. In fact, if you look closely in the image below, you will see that my other posts performed great as well. The information that I’ll be covering today will help you get MEGA engagement on your articles without “wasting” any money. Do you want to learn how I did it? Go on read further…

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How I Got Over 12,900 People To Share My Post On Facebook –

[Step 1] – Created multiple viral blog posts

It is impossible to predict what kind of blog post will be shared repeatedly. Hence, I decided to create 5-10 articles covering different areas of the same niche. I played a safe bet by finding content on the internet that people have already shown interest in. By knowing what my target audience read, liked and shared on the internet was a huge advantage. In order to determine this information I made use of a free tool called Buzzsumo. This awesome tool allows you to find the most viral blog posts shared on any website online. All you have to do is go to their website and enter any URL that you wish and BOOM! Buzzsumo will give you all the stats of that site. You can also enter any keyword in the search tool, and you will be delivered with content related to the term you entered that is being shared the most.

So, I did the same by entering the URLs of my top competitor’s websites. My niche was really hot, hence finding related websites wasn’t a big deal (P.S – are you getting the point here? competition does not matter. All you need is a valuable product/article to crush them). I entered 10 websites and got the most viral post from each one of them. BINGO! Now I had 10 article ideas to work with within few minutes 😉

Now don’t go on and copy all the viral articles word to word. If you do that, then one the following things will happen –
*The content owner will sue you
*People will identify that your content is not authentic
*Google will not rank your site

So use the ideas only for inspiration!

[Step 2] – Posted them on my page as “click bait” links

Each post had to be structured in such a manner so that whenever somebody comes across it, clicks on it. The text for each post usually went something like “Are you interested in *niche*? If yes, then you will love this post that explains…blah…blah…blah.” There is psychological reason as to why I chose to write that in my link text. If you ask a question to the human mind, and they agree to it then they would automatically do whatever call to action you specify. So whenever you are creating a post, follow this structure –

*Question – Are you interested in ____?, Are you a ____? Do you like_____?
* If yes…. -> after reading your question their mind will be like YES, so they will go in flow with what you are about to write next
*Call to action -> check out this post, click on this link etc

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.26.09 AM

Example click bait link

The second thing I did was that I ensured the images used were really eye catching. You can either go to websites like Pinterest or Tumblr to find images related to your niche, or create one. Note if you plan to create your own, then do a lot of testing. Recent study found ads with human faces tend to perform better. After that, I tested out multiple titles for each blog post to see which one works the best. To achieve this I used Kingsumo, which is awesome WordPress plugin that tests out multiple titles for each post that you have.

Lastly, I scheduled the 10 posts for the next consecutive days using the free app Buffer.

[Step 3] – Tested the posts organically

Now was the time to give other people access to my article to determine which one gets the highest traction. I knew that the post with the highest amount of engagement (shares, clicks etc) organically would definitely go viral when advertised to the whole world. Always remember, good products (no matter what it is) doesn’t need promotion to be sold.

So, I went ahead and shared the post with my existing email list and fans on Facebook. I also shared it on my profile to see how many of my friends engage with it. Last but not the least, I promoted the post in various groups that were related to the topic it covered. For example, if the post was about Pokémon Go then I posted on groups that included Pokémon fans. Duh?! This went on for quite some time till I started getting some results.

[Step 4] – Analysed all the stats

I had installed Google Analytics on my website, hence I knew exactly which article was getting how many views. I had also installed a cool plugin called Shareaholic that listed the amount of social shares I got on my website.


Shareaholic tool example

Within few days, I knew exactly which post of mine is ready to go viral on Facebook…

[Step 5] – Launched Facebook ads

I had received over 100 shares on one of my posts organically, so I decided to bring it across a bigger group that would be interested in seeing my post. Hence, I went to my Facebook ads manager and created a brand new “Boost your post” ad. I created 2-3 different ad campaigns with multiple ad sets in order to test which audience, image, text and call to action performed best. Within 24-48 hours, I knew exactly which ad to use. I stopped the ads that were not converting “great” and continued with the one that was blowing the charts. Now all I had to do was scale!

This went on for a long time, and with the help of ads I got several people to see my blog post. I was not only getting traffic from people who clicked on my ad, but from friends of people who shared the post organically on their own timeline. Getting additional traffic from paid traffic! Cool right?

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