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Step-By-Step Guide To Growing A Profitable Facebook Group

If you sell or plan to sell a product/service then you MUST create a Facebook group at this very moment. Groups offer a lot more advantages when compared to pages and emails. Do you remember being felt like talking to a wall last time you posted something on your page or sent something to your email subscribers? I can totally relate to that feeling as that is exactly how I felt when I started out with online marketing. The disadvantage of Facebook pages is that your post doesn’t get delivered to all your fans due to Facebook’s EDGE rank algorithm. This essentially means that if you have 1,000 likes on your page, only 20% of them will see your post when you share it. Emails are great a great way to increase your conversions, but they lack the social engagement factor (likes, shares, reactions, comments etc).

Facebook groups take both the pains away as –

  1. All your members get a notification each time you post something (this ensures that everyone views your post)
  2. Everyone has the ability to interact with your post (like, comment, react, share etc)

Now that you are convinced how important groups are, lets discuss the strategies that you can use to build a profitable one. The information that I will be discussing in this post would demonstrate examples that online marketing EXPERTS personally use for their own businesses.

Step-By-Step Guide To Grow A Profitable Facebook Group

1. Allow people to join your group even before they purchase your product/service

Profitable Facebook Group

I have seen various internet marketers allowing permission to their groups only if someone purchases their product/[s]. According to me everyone on Facebook interested in your niche should be allowed to connect with likeminded people. The benefit of adding people before they become your customers is that it would allow them to completely understand what your brand is about. Your group members would convert a lot higher than any cold traffic. The reason? Well, because they would have a deeper understanding of who you are and what you provide. The relationship that you’ll build with your members would be really meaningful.

So how do you get people in your group?

Now obviously you do not want ANYONE to have the ability to join your group. You need to create a very low barrier in order to sort out “junk members” and the “authentic” ones. Junk members are essentially people looking to spam your group with their BS posts. If you come across such members, remove them immediately. Now in order to create such a barrier, head over to your group settings and click on “Change Privacy Settings.” Make sure that this is selected as “Closed” as this feature will allow anyone to search for your group, but they won’t be able to access it until you officially approve them as a member. Once that is done, scroll to the bottom till you find “Tags” and add some relevant keywords related to your niche. This would allow people to search for your group easily using Facebook’s graph search.

Once this is done, go to your blog and add this icon on your sidebar with your group’s link. Add a similar link to all your most viewed pages and thank you pages so that people can find it easily. If you are into podcasts, webinars or Youtube shows then add it as a call to action at the end. Lastly, don’t forget to email your list regarding your new community and ask them post a question that you will respond to as soon as their request gets approved.

How to grow my group if I don’t have an existing audience? Can I run ads?

You can indirectly run ads to promote your Facebook group and I have seen this happen a lot lately. In order to do so simply head over to your ads manager and select the objective as “Send people to your website.” Define your audience, budget etc and then when you come to the ad format section, simply enter your group’s URL in link section. You can do the same with PPE ads if you wish. This is how your ad copy might look like –

Want to learn more about “enter your niche” ?? Join this PRIVATE “niche” mastermind group and interact with experts….blah…blah…blah

Hope you get the point! If you stuggle to run effective ads on Facebook then stick till the end because I have something valuable to offer!

2. Setup Rules & Regulations

Profitable Facebook Group

Why would anyone join your group? People want valuable information that can help them in some way or the other. If your group is filled with BS content that nobody wants to read then no individual will join your group. And if they do, then finding the “Leave group” option isn’t that tough. In order to ensure that your group remains awesome, spam free and provides awesome content to your members 24/7, you need to setup some rules and regulations.

Travis Petelle, founder of Kingpinning and admin of a group with close to 7,000 members does this very effectively and I would like to share his example with you. To ensure consistent flow of awesomeness, Travis created a new Doc (see image above) demonstrating all the rules and regulations of his group. After that, he added the link to this document asking people to read it before posting anything. This is how his group description looks like –

“The Kingpinning group was created to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs who want to expand and grow their business to huge levels.
PLEASE READ THE RULES before posting within the group:…/”

You can do the same by going to your group and then selecting the “More” option which is above the “Write something…” box. Select it and then click on “Create Doc” to add a document of your own. Give it a title (something like “Your Group Name Rules”) and add all the activities that the members are allowed to do in the group and the ones that are prohibited (like spamming and other stuff).

3. Interact with your group everyday


If you are not interacting with your group daily then you are missing out the whole purpose of having a group. IT DOES NOT MATTER how many members you have, post stuff! When people will see the amount of efforts you are putting in to help them, they would automatically come to you with their credit card number asking “where should I enter it?”

What should I share with my group?

There is a lot of awesome stuff you can share. The number 1 thing, ask questions! Find out how they are doing, what results they are achieving and most importantly how can YOU help them with their problem? Trust me, people would really appreciate when you ask the last question mentioned. You can also share success stories of yourself and your clients to encourage them to take action (these days motivational quotes are in – use them). Make use of videos and blog posts to provide VALUE to your members so that they feel “if this guy is providing me all this stuff for free, then I wonder what IMMENSE amount of information I will get when I pay him…”
Lastly, ask people to share their own stuff so that you are not the only one posting in the group. Tell them to share their success story, what they did throughout the day etc etc. Since all of them will have similar goals, members would love seeing what others are doing.

4. Leverage your members to create your new products

Profitable Facebook Group

Do you know groups has a functionality called “poll” that allows you to ask literally any question you want to your members? You can leverage this feature to ask people what they are interested in the most and sell the exact same thing to them. WHAAAT? Yes it is really that simple, grow a database of members and ask them what they are interested in most. Wait for the results and see which options performs the best. Create a sales funnel (more about this in step 6) for that topic and sell it to them.

How to create polls?

Head over to your group and select the option of “Create Poll” appearing on top of your status box. Enter the question you wish to ask and then select “Add poll options” to enter the multiple choice points. The really cool feature about this system is that people will have the ability to add their own option if they do not find one that matches their needs. Once done, simply pin this post (select the arrow on right and click on “Pin Post”). You would soon have the data about what you can sell to your members 😉

5. Register a custom domain name for your group

Profitable Facebook Group

This step is actually optional if you are just starting out with groups. However, if you are looking to increase your group’s branding then you can go to any domain name provider and purchase a custom URL for your group. Go to your domain dashboard and set a redirect to your Facebook URL (Google this, it takes less than 2 minutes). This would allow people to easily access it. I would recommend you do this step once you have a decent following online.

To give you an example, Jill Stanton does this for her group which has close to 19,000 (WTFFF??) members in it. Her domain name takes people directly to her group. Cool, right?

6. Make Money From Your Group

Make Money From Your Facebook Group

Last, but not the LEAST comes the most important part of owning a group i.e – making $$. I know we all are here to get the dough so lets break down how you can make use of groups to make money. Now to sell something with your group, you need to have a sales funnel setup. This is basically a sequence that a person goes through before becoming your customer. It is really important to have one and this is what you need to do in order to create a successful one –

  • Ask people what they are most interested in (read step 4)
  • Create valuable content (video, article, audio or whatever) explaining about the topic people are most interested in ( you figure this out using the poll functionality)
  • Collect their email by offering something valuable (lead magnet) related to the same topic
  • Create sequences of email pitching your product to those individuals
  • Make $$

Just to give you an example, lets say that you create a poll in your group (which is in the fitness niche) asking people what they are most interested in. The most common response turns out to be weight loss (not surprised, huh?). After sometime, you create a blog post showing “10 methods you can use right now to get rid of all the fat in your body” and at the end you offer a free gift called “Calorie measurement chart to achieve weight loss quicker” in exchange for their email. Now you can promote to these individuals using series of emails about your main weight loss product (this could be an affiliate or your own product). As simple as that!

Do you know Facebook is like the gold and oil boom…. ?

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