UAbility Founder & High-Ticket Consultant

Hi, I am Rohan Dhawan from New Delhi, India. While pursuing my undergrad degree in UK, I stumbled across a few international clients and launched a consulting business from my dorm room. Before the age of 22, I had coached over 70,000 people across 153 countries. My initial success motivated me to help other individuals in my country to do the same. This intention gave birth to my company - UAbility.

UAbility is an education consultancy firm that helps everyday people figure out their passion and turn it into an online venture. This is achieved by providing practical skills like business development, sales, marketing, delivery and more.

My mission is to fix the problem of price inequality and give people the ability to sign premium clients for the valuable skills that they offer. I envision a future where India becomes the global-supply chain of skilled service-providers worldwide. Interested in learning more? Watch our training now below.

UAbility Pulkit

"I used to dislike commuting to my job every day. However, thanks to Rohan I can work from anywhere while serving clients internationally" - Pulkit Rawal

UAbility Elite

"Thanks to Rohan I was able to start an agency and attract clients globally at the age of 19 while completing my studies" - Diptopal Bhattacharya


"My agency's revenue grew by 40% in 5-weeks after implementing UAbility's systems." - Tejas Sarvankar


"Thanks to Rohan, I went from being a full-time mother to an expert with multiple high-ticket clients." - Padmasree Barbora


"Just Go for It for a No-brainer ROI - Rohan is an Absolute GEM. I was able to sign 2 international clients within 5-weeks." - Javed Mistry


"I went from attracting people who would cause headaches to premium clients who I enjoy working with." - Dhananjay Kalyankar


"I got 500 enquiries for my agency business in 24 hours after implementing Rohan's advice." - Maheswara Reddy


"I would like to say that Rohan has created a 5-star roadmap filled with extreme value. I wish I met Rohan a year back. However, it's never too late.