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Helping high performance Udemy™ instructors get more students and build an esteemed brand without worrying about marketing or tech....

Week 1 - Avatar, Messaging & Offer

The goal of this week is to help you define the specific group of people you want to reach and can help the best (goodbye to the idiots who leave 1-star reviews).

After this, our team will help you construct the messaging so that you can represent your brand in the most esteemed manner and attract the right people.

Lastly, you will discover what to offer to these individuals so that they can realize the best results while you charge a price that keeps you interested in the long run. You will no longer sell your courses for $10 as you aren't selling burgers, but transformational value. 

Week 2 - Product Development

So far, you were following the theory that the longer your course is (10 hours >), the higher your sales would be. Unfortunately, this is a myth and it only causes more stress for yourself and your students.

The goal of this week is to help you develop your course in such a manner so that it's laid out step-by-step (just like what you're reading right now) and allows you to lead your students towards a path that results in real transformations a.k.a  - success stories you are proud of.

Week 3 - Conversion Mechanism Development

Awesome! So you know who to sell and your product is ready to be delivered. However, how does one get somebody to buy your courses for thousands of dollars without relying on Udemy™

Our team will help you design a conversion mechanism known as a webinar based on 5-years of proven marketing fundamentals designed to convert anyone from a prospect to a paying student. All we have to do is send eyeballs to this lead magnet and it will automatically pump out students willing to pay you money.

Week 4 - Traffic Generation

It's time to send consistent, predictable, and reliable traffic to our conversion mechanism so that you have more students joining your program on automation.

We will be utilising mediums such as Social Media and email marketing to get eyeballs towards your offer while ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd and dominates the industry.

Week 5 - Sales

You are no longer playing the small league and it's time to reach pinnacles of success. Since you will be selling programs that cost thousands, you will need a personal sales team designed to handle such situations and deliver high performing results.

But I don't have a sales team? Wrong. Because our team consists of some of the most advanced sales individuals with the necessary skills equipped to help you reach your goal. Nope, not the weird car salesmen you meet, but individuals who build a rapport with your prospects before selling and represent your brand in the best manner possible.

Our sales team will act as the bridge between you attracting bad students as compared to students who will work hard and credit you for their success.
...but who are you?
In case you haven't noticed already, my name is Rohan Dhawan and I am an Indian descent entrepreneur living in Glasgow, United Kingdom. I have launched several businesses over the past 5-years. Honestly, majority of them failed and those that succeeded allowed me to earn 6-figures and beyond.
My journey with Udemy™ began in early 2016 (worst time to start), when the platform had announced changes in it's pricing policy. This made several esteemed instructors give up hope and move on to other things. However, I decided to stay persistent and continue being an instructor on something that developed several millionaires in the past.

I tried everything to make it work and break-past my monthly earnings mark, but nothing seemed to work. I wrote regular promotional announcements offering cheap discounts on my courses ($10 or $20) to hope that it works. However, it felt like I was underselling my value tremendously. Like, why would I want to sell something that took me several weeks (or months) to create for the price of a burger meal? It ached me to see individuals with a lower quality course than me, sell it online on their own website for thousands of dollars. 

My other attempts included writing blog posts, creating content videos, and sharing everything on Social Media. I admit that this did get attention, but it was still not enough to get me to where I wanted to. My last attempt included diversifying my courses to other websites like Skillshare and anything else that I could find online.

Nothing worked and I was in this overwhelming stage that I didn't know how to escape. The results of my attempts had put in a position where I was confused and exhausted. All I wanted to do was own a brand that people can remember and I can rightfully charge the best price for the value that I provide to my students.
Did I give up?
P.S - I hate suits
Certainly not. 

In March 2017, I made the decision to go forward and launch my courses under my personal brand's name. I had little idea regarding how I will be marketing my website and getting consistent sales at a price that's way higher than what I used to sell earlier. However, I challenged myself to make it through...

After staying patient for a couple of months and figuring out how to put the pieces together, I finally cracked my monthly revenue target! The feeling was phenomenal! I was on another level as I had finally unlocked the key to launching any course and sell it online to anyone without relying on anybody or any third-party platform.

This continued for a few more months till other coaches began asking me how I did this for myself and how they can replicate the system for their own business. Hearing this made me deeply consider everything and I realised that I was more passionate about the entire process of marketing and sales rather than selling online courses. I was obsessed (still am)!

Hence, I decided to take this system and help other entrepreneurs achieve similar or greater results with it. Since then, I have worked with esteemed instructors and coaches across the globe who are generating over $200,000 per month with their businesses (case studies below). Today, I have a team of ambitious individuals who share the same vision as me and want to help more instructors get high quality results without ever stressing about marketing or sales.
Other stuff you're wondering about right now...
Why are you working for free?
This is because we understand that an instructor like yourself operates with logic. If my team and I can show you that in the next coming weeks, we can help you make more money with your business, then it would be a no-brainer decision for you. Also, we believe in our abilities highly and would like to delight you with results. Once you have enough faith, we can figure out a way to help you consistently and work long-term.
Who is this for?
The Roadmap is designed only for high performance instructors with proven sales, who wish to take it beyond and build a globally recognised brand inside their niche. Our team and I work extremely hard to be impeccable of our word, however, we only require instructors who are willing to dedicate time and resources along with us (it’s not a one-side show). Therefore, if you do not believe in the 4-hour workweek lifestyle and want to take things to the next level, then we would be delighted to have you on-board.
How much time, efforts, and dollar would I have to invest?
While our team will try our level best to take all the hard-work off your shoulders, we would be requiring your time every now and then to build something phenomenal. This means that we will be expecting you attend meetings, assist with market research, create content, and share valuable inputs whenever possible. It’s kind of like we do 70% of the work, and you do the rest. However, without that 30% efforts, we won’t be able to reach the pinnacles of success. Great companies aren’t built without their CEO :)

In regards to money, we won’t be charging you anything and will be taking care of all the necessary software costs till you have sales. However, we will require you to have a budget of thousand dollars or around that ball-park for paid-advertisement that we will be running to help you get more sales.
What results can I expect at the end?
At the end of the roadmap, you can expect a complete understanding of your target market and a full product ready to serve them for a high-ticket price. On top of that, you would have tangible sales delivered right to your Stripe or Paypal account of live sales. Therefore, all you’ll have to do is take care of all the students who sign up and deliver them an awesome experience while we work on your marketing.
...And what about proof?

Linh Trinh - The One Percent

Linh is the founder of The One Percent, a company that coaches personal trainers regarding how to build a sustainable business online. They are on track to sign 500 trainers across the globe. Rohan worked with the firm as their marketing officer while handing a $3,000 per day marketing budget.

Adam Mesh - AMTG

Adam Mesh is the founder of AMTG, a well-known stock trading coaching firm. The company is responsible for teaching thousands of students how to trade effectively and has been featured on shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Rohan helped the company generate consistent and predictable sales for their coaching using a live webinar as the conversion mechanism.

Scott Brown - Udemy Instructor

Dr Brown is an esteemed instructor on Udemy with over 26,000 students on the platform. He was struggling to take his courses off the platform and get sales using a trusted channel. Rohan helped him set up his Facebook ads in a manner that delivered traffic for pennies and allowed him to scale his business exponentially. 
John Shea - Udemy Instructor
If you’re ready to begin implementing The Roadmap to get consistent, predictable, and reliable students students...
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